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These are

Our Services

1. Brake

Diagnose ABS system, inspect and service: discs, drums, brakes, and the hydraulic system for noise and performance.

2. Suspension

Inspect and repair components related to vehicle control and comfort such as power steering, shocks, and springs.

3. Tires

Installation, balancing, and repairs on all things tire related.

4. A/C & Heating

Diagnose system performance, electronic controls, and repair R134A leaks.

5. Transmission & Engine

Transmission service, oil changes, mechanic and electronic diagnosis and repair.

...What you’re looking for isn’t listed?

Don’t worry, this is a very general list. Whatever your car trouble or concern, stop by the shop and get personal, honest, and knowledgeable advice.

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Our Tips

Extend tire life and save gas – Under-inflated tires wear down more quickly and also lower fuel mileage. Remember to check your tire pressures once a month and inflate to the recommended tire pressure indicated on the placard inside the driver side door.

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