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The Shop

For over 30 years, City Auto’s approach to customers has always been simple: fix the car efficiently, honestly, and reasonably. Knowing the tendency of garages and dealerships to overcharge and repair things that don’t need fixing, City Auto strives to provide an automotive business that challenges this. This back-to-basics approach when it comes to maintaining and fixing customer’s cars has caused this independent shop to gain the trust and confidence of the clients that enter it.

The shop’s reputation in helping people maintain their vehicles efficiently and reasonably is remarkable. It is apparent in the response City Auto Repair’s owner, James Lee, gives when asked about his business philosophy: “It’s simple, to help people. Obviously we’re a business, but we do our best to help people. To keep their cars on the road, to help people keep their appointments, and to be fast, reliable, and, just as importantly, reasonably priced.”

City Auto Repair is grounded, family owned, honest, reliable, and efficient. The difference is clear when compared to other garages and dealerships. Instead of upselling and encumbering customers, City Auto’s goal is to work with the customer to fix their problem or find a solution. The goal is to deal with each customer as an individual, and not just to service their car.

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The History

City Auto Repair is an independent garage shop started in the early 80’s and has since been handed down from father to son. Of the 27 years that City Auto has been managed by Mr. Young Lee, James has worked alongside 8 of those gaining the insight and wisdom from the wealth of his father’s knowledge. This has been supplemented by his education in the Automotive Service Technician program from Centennial, allowing James to learn and gain advantage from the latest information and advances in car technology. 30 years after its initial start, City Auto continues to deliver their exceptional customer service through this grounded and family owned business.

James’ father, Mr. Young Lee, immigrated to Canada in the ‘70s. After college, apprenticeships at various dealerships, and a partnership with Sunoco, Young finally went independent with a small garage under the name City Auto Repair.

James started work at City Auto in 1999 while achieving a BA in Information Technology at York (2002), an Automotive Service Technician (AST) program at Centennial (2005), and his license as an Automotive Service Technician, all by the end of 2005.

Like the business handed down father to son, both Young and James Lee share a fervent work ethic and an enduring commitment to their customers. Their keen and genuine interest in their customer’s cars and needs places this shop above the rest.

For over 30 years,
City Auto’s approach to customers has always been simple: fix the car efficiently, honestly, and reasonably.

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Our Tips

Extend tire life and save gas – Under-inflated tires wear down more quickly and also lower fuel mileage. Remember to check your tire pressures once a month and inflate to the recommended tire pressure indicated on the placard inside the driver side door.

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